What should you do on the day that the student arrives?

Email Study Vision that your student has arrived. Be available to greet your student and organise to be home for the day or have a family member stay with the student. Don't greet the student, tell them to 'help themselves' and go to work. Students are young people, often away from home for the first time. They are nervous and have travelled for many hours. Even if they sleep they should not be left alone. Treat them as you would like your own family to be treated if they were travelling overseas. Ask if they would like to contact their parents by telephone to advise them that they have arrived safely. Offer them a drink and biscuit, show them their room and the bathroom facilities. Ask your student if they would like to take a shower and make them welcome generally. Later in the day take the opportunity to orientate the student to your home, explain mealtimes and introduce them to other family members.

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