Cleaning and laundry responsibilities

  • It is your responsibility to keep your own room tidy. Please do not keep food in your room. Always dispose of empty drink bottles, food wrappers and packaging in the garbage bin.
  • All members of the family usually help with many of the simple chores, e.g. washing the dishes and setting/clearing the table. It would be a friendly gesture for you to ask if you can share in these tasks as well. This gesture will bring your relationship closer to your host family and will prepare you well when you live on your own once you move out of the homestay.
  • Every homestay has different arrangements with regard to your laundry. Laundry detergent is provided by the Homestay host. Some Homestays will help you wash your laundry; and others will just show you how to use the washing machine yourself. Discuss this with your family upon arrival. Respect the family's instructions for use of the machine. All wet clothes should be dried outside the house on the clothes-line, and definitely not in the bathroom or your bedroom. You are responsible for your own ironing, but make sure you can safely use it.
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