Using the bathroom at your Homestay

  • Water in Australia is in extremely short supply. The Government encourages people to minimise water consumption. Please help by limiting your water usage and most important keep your shower times to less than 10 minutes. However, Australians consider it appropriate to have a daily quick shower, and to wash your hands with soap especially before meals, after toilet, after you have come back home from school and if you are sick and coughing.
  • You are expected to supply your own toothpaste and shampoo and other personal toiletries. The Host will only supply such items as toilet paper, soap and clean towels. Please note that if you require any special soap, or other toiletries, you will need to provide them yourself at your own cost.
  • You, as well as all your host family members, are each expected to leave the bathroom tidy, clean and reasonably dry, after each use. Please consider the other members of your family and discuss what time is suitable for you to have a shower.
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