Rental Payment

  • Read carefully the Study Vision's "Offer Letter" which you will receive from Study Vision or your University or College or Agent following submission of your application. It will detail all instructions regarding the initial homestay rent payment, as well as subsequent payments if you wish to continue living with your homestay hosts, and the minimum notice period (usually 2 weeks) which you need to give your homestay host if you wish to leave them at the end of the paid period. Please keep a record in your calendar as to when the next 4 weeks rent is due to be paid to your host family and pay it in full on the due date.
  • In calculating the rent period, here is an example:

    Say you first arrive to your homestay on Monday the 2nd of September and had booked 4-weeks ending Monday 30th September. By Monday 16th September (i.e. 2 weeks before end or rent), you need to inform your host family if you wish to move out at the end of your rent period, i.e. on Monday 30th September, or if you will be continuing for another 4-weeks, or if you will continue living with them but for only few more days, say 9 more days after the 30th of September (i.e. October 9th). If you will be continuing the rent and had advised the host family on 16 September, then on or before Monday 30th September, you must pay your host family the rent for the next 4-weeks or the remaining days before your planned departure if you plan to leave earlier than 4-weeks.

  • If you paid any money to your homestay host, you can always ask them to write a receipt or a hand-written note signed by them indicating the amount received from you and the rent period this money covers.
  • If you wish to change your current Homestay with another one, please call Study Vision (02 9669 5225) to first discuss your request and to explore the available options at the time. Fees may apply.
  • International students in Australia, of all ages, are required by government regulations to inform their school or college of any change of residential address within 7 days of the change. Failure to do so may cause issues with your visa.
  • Students under 18 years of age must stay in Homestay according to Australian government regulations. Your Guardian will need to be informed before you can move out of the homestay, as well as before you plan to change your residential address, at any time and for whatever reason. Failure to do so may cause issues with your visa.
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