Does my weekly payment include internet and telephone calls?

No, it doesn't include internet and telephone calls. Internet is now indispensable for international students at a Homestay. You are allowed to charge your student for internet access $10- $15 per week, but talk to us about it first. Please make sure you have adequate internet (preferably Wi-Fi) downloading quota per month (allow 30-50 GB per student living in your home) and ensure no overage fees or penalties apply. Please note that other countries have free unlimited access and international students may not understand the Australian charges.

For telephone calls, you need to advise the student to use his or her own mobile to make calls and allow them to receive incoming calls. However, if the student wants to use the home (landline) phone to make a local call, you may charge them 40 cents per local call.

It is becoming more popular for students or visitors to use internet applications (like skype, WeChat, Viber, etc.) to communicate with their families and friends.


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